family portrait photography

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Family Portrait Photography

Family Heritage Portrait - One of the unique product options I offer for extended families is the “Family Heritage Portrait”.  Instead of shooting the entire family all at once, I break the family into groups and then paste everything together in Photoshop creating a gorgeous and unique panoramic portrait.

In the above example of 25 people, grandma and grandpa are in the middle with their four children and their individual families on either side.  Each family came separately to my studio.

When taking pictures of large extended families, especially those with small children, it’s always a challenge to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera at the exact same time.  With the Family Heritage Portrait I take multiple pictures of each family making it much easier to get a perfect smile out of each person.

Pulling it all together in Photoshop is fairly labor intensive, so my sitting fee this type of portrait is higher than my standard sitting fee for large groups.

Traditional Family Portrait - Of course most large families opt for a traditional family portrait.  Below is a traditional extended family portrait with 29 people.  This particular image was taken at the Heritage Gardens Reception Center in Sandy, Utah.